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Why you should ALWAYS read London, Ontario moving company reviews

It is critically important to read reviews about any company providing a service for you - especially service providers that will be enterin...

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Over 150 People Recommend Brawny Movers on Facebook!

It is incredibly important to read London, Ontario moving company reviews. 

Movers are people that will be in your house and handling everything you own. It is never worth it to pick out a cheap option when you are dealing with your family's safety and your home address. 

Brawny Movers has always stressed that you read reviews across multiple platforms.

Below is a screenshot from Instagram.com/BrawnyMovers - on the Instagram page, you can read 100+ positive comments across multiple review platforms.

Here are a few minimums that you should look for: 
  • AT LEAST 50 positive reviews over multiple platforms during the past 12 months or more (but not all at once)
  • AT LEAST 1 negative review. You cannot please everybody and if the company has done a lot of moves, they will encounter at least 1 unreasonable person
  • Read what people are saying in the moving company reviews, both positive and negative and look for trends

Note: Lots of reviews within a day or two are often friends of the owner or fake reviews. Take a look at the profiles that have left a review and make sure they are real people, that have lived in London, Ontario.

Monday, 8 October 2018

Read more Brawny Movers Reviews on Instagram and Facebook

You can read more Brawny Movers reviews on Instagram and Facebook.

Read the 'Reviews' highlights (see photo below) for the most updates
London Ontario moving company reviews

On the Brawny Movers Instagram, check out the 'Highlights' tab entitled 'Reviews' to see what people are saying about London, Ontario's fastest growing moving company.

On the Brawny Movers Facebook Page, check the number of recommendations instead of the number of reviews. Facebook now asks people if they would recommend a company to their friends. At this time, Brawny Movers has 86 Facebook recommendations - more than any other London Ontario moving company! Impressive stats considering Brawny Movers only started in 2016.

Brawny Movers is a highly recommended London Ontario moving company

It is very important to read reviews for any home service company as they will be in your home, around your family and your possessions. Not every review will be positive as some customers are irrational and impossible to please. 

Make sure that any service provider that you use has a digital presence with reviews because there are countless people posing as real movers on the London Ontario Kijiji page. These individuals often change their name. If you can't find a website or reviews, you should avoid them at all costs.

Look at WHEN reviews were posted as there are a lot of immoral companies that will buy fake positive reviews or they will ask their friends to give them a perfect rating. These types of fake reviews are usually made all at once and easy to spot if they are made by the same demographic (ex. 10+ reviews within the same day or week are likely made by friends of the company owner). In today's social media age, it is easy to see who wrote the review. For the moving industry, reviews by young males likely aren't valid as this demographic tends to move themselves.

REAL reviews will be consistent over many months and years across different platforms. Very few people will take the time to write a positive review while there is little hesitation to write a negative review. 

When reading negative reviews, look to see if the company responded as there are people out there that will try to extort companies for money with threats of negative complaints and reviews. False negative reviews can result in legal repercussions.

In conclusion, the best London Ontario moving companies will have a collection of reviews that are easy to find. There are dozens of people moving within London, Ontario, every single day. 

Friday, 22 June 2018

More reviews for Brawny Movers - London Ontario's strongest moving company

Jackie's review of Brawny Movers makes moving furniture all day worthwhile. Jackie spoke with over twenty moving companies and ended up going with Brawny Movers - and paying extra for the travel time - because Jackie was uncomfortable with all of the other movers that she spoke with.

Carolyn trusted us to move her parents. Her review speaks to our customer service focus and hard work ethic. While many moving companies use temp agencies to staff when they have work, Brawny Movers has friendly, full time staff. Since Brawny Movers pays better than other moving companies, we expect more from our staff and the result is a great customer experience.

A couple more recent labour-only movers reviews: 5 stars across the board. The moving helper / labour-only moving service is ideal for within home furniture moves or help un/loading a truck/container. 

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

More reviews of our labour-only movers

Our labour-only service is perfect to load/unload your Uhaul/ shipping container/ within-home moves and other moves without a truck. 

Mackenzie's review: "The guys from Brawny Movers are the best movers I've had yet. They loaded my van with what felt like a mathematical precision! Extremely personable, professional, and friendly. Highly recommend!"

More recent moving helper service reviews:

Save time, $$$$ and your back when you rent a truck and hire our muscle.

One of Brawny Mover's favourite [comedic] reviews

As two of us were driving west along Gainsborough Road, on our way to a move in Komoka, this happened...

For those who can't read the photo, our new friends at Nekkid Monk had this to say:

"...My husband and I were trying to move two 300-pound metal and wood work benches out of the back of our truck into our store. It was hot. . .and things weren't going so well when this happened: Like angels falling from the sky (I would say GODS, but my husband is probably going to read this, but ladies. . .you get my drift), two Brawny movers appeared out of no-where and lifted both of our benches into our store... "

Seeing this review almost made us blush.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Read reviews for Brawny Movers

It is very important to read London, Ontario moving company reviews - after all, movers will be seeing your new home and moving your valuable possessions. We've made it easier for customers to read reviews for Brawny Movers by posting screenshots below.

5/5 stars on Yelp:
According to Sameer on Yelp: "Brawny Movers stands out because of their customer service, their timeliness and general wonderful demeanor." 

10/10 on Homestars:

5/5 on TrustedPros:

5 stars on Uhaul's MovingHelp [highest overall of any Moving Helper serving London, Ontario]:

Facebook comments:


If you can't find any reviews for the movers that you are researching, it's best to look elsewhere. We recommend that you ask friends and family for referrals, then do your own due diligence. If the rate seems too good to be true or if the company cannot provide proof of insurance, then don't risk it!

Brawny Movers will soon become a household name as the preferred moving company in London, Ontario. Our approach to providing a higher quality service through high quality staffing and a focus on customer service has allowed us to grow rapidly with up to 9 trucks out daily within our first 8 months in operation.

We look forward to helping you with your next move to or from London, Ontario.