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Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Over 150 People Recommend Brawny Movers on Facebook!

It is incredibly important to read London, Ontario moving company reviews. 

Movers are people that will be in your house and handling everything you own. It is never worth it to pick out a cheap option when you are dealing with your family's safety and your home address. 

Brawny Movers has always stressed that you read reviews across multiple platforms.

Below is a screenshot from Instagram.com/BrawnyMovers - on the Instagram page, you can read 100+ positive comments across multiple review platforms.

Here are a few minimums that you should look for: 
  • AT LEAST 50 positive reviews over multiple platforms during the past 12 months or more (but not all at once)
  • AT LEAST 1 negative review. You cannot please everybody and if the company has done a lot of moves, they will encounter at least 1 unreasonable person
  • Read what people are saying in the moving company reviews, both positive and negative and look for trends

Note: Lots of reviews within a day or two are often friends of the owner or fake reviews. Take a look at the profiles that have left a review and make sure they are real people, that have lived in London, Ontario.

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